We are entering an era of unprecedented technological progress

An exponential future

Your business needs to be prepared

Let us help you

Our Mission

Algorithms, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, internet of things, quantum computing - you've probably heard about some of these in the news.

Every business will be affected by these and other new technologies, at a pace many will find frightening.

Big companies are already gearing themselves up, helped by the big consultancy firms.

But who is looking out for you? Who is looking out for the small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) that constitute 99% of UK companies and employ half of the UK workforce?

Our mission is to help you prepare your business for an exponential future.

How we can help

Come to one of our events

We'll be holding events across the UK to help businesses understand the potential implications of exponential technologies.

Join us at one of our relaxed, informal evening seminars. A couple of hours invested with us could transform your business.

Our next events:


To complement our events we have started building an online library of resources. We want our site to be the first and best place to go for news, information and intelligent commentary on new technologies and their impacts on SMEs.